Asset purchase

Need a car for business? Want flexible payments so that you can own the vehicle? Asset Purchase (sometimes called Hire Purchase or Term Purchase) might be for you.

Motor Vehicle Asset Purchase

The main difference between Asset Purchase and leasing is that you are gaining equity in the vehicle with each rental payment. At the end of the rental term you’ll have 100% ownership. So if you use your car for business and want flexible payments to suit your cash flow, then Asset Purchase could be the best option for you.

In most cases you can choose to either finance the whole purchase or pay a deposit up front. You can also choose to include balloon payments up to any amount at any time during the rental period, so you can own the car sooner. Asset Purchase is sometimes referred to as Hire Purchase or Term Purchase.

FeaturesBenefitsHow to apply
Flexible loan terms
Between 1 – 5 years with an option of a balloon repayment at end of contract to allow repayments to suit your budget.
loans start from as low as $5,000.
Repayments are fixed for term of contract and can be structured to suit you.
100% finance or with an optional deposit / trade.
Convenient repayments
Repayments can be made via direct debit or BPAY.
  • Super-fast approval.
  • This product may offer tax advantages. Speak to your accountant for further information.
  • Structure repayments to suit seasonal cash flow.
  • Repayments fixed for the term of contract which means you can easily budget your monthly expenditure.
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