Your new Terms and Conditions

As part of our focus to improve our products and services, we have reviewed the Terms and Conditions of our contracts.

It is important to highlight that the new terms and conditions will replace the existing terms and conditions ONLY if the equipment is not purchased or returned at the term maturity or contract end.

The main changes to the Terms and Conditions are:

  1. Termination rights: if you fail to pay an amount by the due date, Capital Finance can terminate the contract if you have not paid the amount within two (2) business days after the due date.
  2. Failure to return equipment at the end of the contract:
    if you do not return the equipment at the end of the original contract term, you may continue your contract and you can return the equipment at any time. Alternatively Capital Finance may request the return of the equipment.
  3. Indemnities: we have made it clear that you will not need to reimburse Capital Finance if Capital Finance has been fraudulent, negligent or engaged in wilful misconduct.

To view the new terms and conditions in full, please click the relevant link below.

CFAL Rental Agreement

CFAL Master Facility Agreement

CFAL Master Equipment Rental

CFAL Rental Services Agreement

CFAL Telstra Rental Agreement