Vehicle & equipment finance for schools, colleges & universities

At Capital Finance, we understand that you would like us to make it easier for you to purchase the equipment, vehicles and systems your school needs to run efficiently.

We know that providing your students with the most up-to-date technology may be central to your school’s success. We also recognise that schools may need more than just technology to operate.

That’s why we can offer you access to financing for a broad range of assets, from security equipment to the school bus. Our pricing is competitive, we tailor payments to suit your cash flow, and we work closely with you to make financing for your school’s needs simple.

You choose the equipment you want, not the equipment we supply

We have strong relationships with major suppliers, but are not locked in to any. That means you have the freedom to choose the supplier which can provide the equipment that best meets your needs.

Rental (Operating Lease) and other equipment loan options

To ensure that our finance solution matches your unique needs, we offer both Rental (Operating Lease) and a full range of asset finance solutions. Our products are competitively priced and the repayments can be tailored to your school’s budgetary and timing requirements.

We understand that students cannot always be relied on to look after their IT belongings or your school’s electronic equipment. That’s why we offer flexible options, such as a ‘Premium Rental’ service, which allows you to return a certain percentage of assets regardless of their condition.

Flexible payment options

Helping you manage your school’s cash flow in a way that reduces operating costs and frees up capital is what we excel at.

We can match payments to the peak periods in your cash flow, such as when
you receive school fees.

Cut your administration time with a Master Facility

A Master Facility takes into account your school’s aggregated financing needs. With a Master Facility, you don’t need to negotiate a separate agreement every time you need more asset finance. With a master limit, you only pay for the proportion of the facility you draw down.

A dedicated Relationship Manager – a specialist in education
sector finance

We know that saving time is important to you. That’s why at Capital Finance you deal with one Relationship Manager, for everything, from beginning to end.

Your dedicated Capital Finance Relationship Manager is a specialist who has the knowledge and experience to take the hassle out of your school’s financing.

What we finance

  • Mowers, tractors and tools
  • Cars, vans and buses
  • Video and audio visual equipment
  • Servers, personal computers, laptops and tablets
  • Software and installation services
  • School equipment
  • Security systems

Business lending options for schools

  • Rental (operating lease)
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Finance lease
  • Hire purchase
How to apply

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