Forklifts and materials handling

We understand your industry and know the suppliers

Whether you need serious lifting power or are a small business looking for efficient equipment to handle materials, we have the industry experience to help you make the right financing choices.

You choose the equipment you want, not the equipment we supply

We have strong relationships with the major suppliers, but are not locked in to any. That means you have the freedom to choose the supplier which can provide the equipment that best meets your needs.

Flexible lease terms

We know that longer lease terms can increase your competitiveness by lowering monthly repayments and reducing your cost base. That’s why we offer you the flexibility to choose lease terms that go beyond 5 years.

The ability to manage your working capital

To help you achieve your balance sheet and profit and loss objectives, we offer a range of lease options, including genuine operating leases to finance leases and chattel mortgages. The equipment itself is generally used as security.

At the end of the lease term depending on the arrangement chosen, you may be able to hand back the equipment or roll over the lease, or do a combination of both. You and your Relationship Manager can work together to decide on the best option for you.

Flexible payment options

Helping you manage your cash flow in a way that reduces operating costs and frees up capital is what we excel at. We can match your payment periods to suit your timing needs.

Cut your administration time with a Master Facility

A Master Facility takes into account your aggregated financing needs. With a Master Facility, you don’t need to negotiate a separate agreement every time you need more asset finance. The good news is that you only pay for the proportion of the facility you draw down.

A dedicated Relationship Manager – a specialist in materials handling

We know that saving time is important to you. That’s why at Capital Finance you deal with one Relationship Manager, for everything, from beginning to end.

Your dedicated Capital Finance Relationship Manager is a specialist who has the knowledge and experience to take the hassle of your business’ financing.

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