Hassle-free finance for SMEs

You have worked hard to launch a business and now that those first couple of years are behind you, it is time to think about improving your profitability by upgrading your work vehicles, plant and/or equipment.

If you are like most small business owners, you may wish to fund your purchase with a loan or lease, rather than draw on your cash reserves.

Financing the assets in your business can be a smart option – particularly if you want to manage your cash flow to meet your day-to-day overheads and expenses.

Often sourcing the right loan for your business can be time consuming and complex. Capital Finance understands that small business owners need to spend their time running and growing their companies. That is why we simplify finance to make borrowing easy.

Small business is big business for us

We have specialised in financing vehicles and equipment since 1995 and count almost 40,000 small business entrepreneurs as customers. At Capital Finance, we know that as a small business owner, you need a finance partner who can understand your business so that you get the right finance solution to meet your company’s strategic needs and cash flow requirements.

Because we are experts in financing business vehicles and equipment, we can offer you financial solutions for a wide range of assets – common and uncommon, new and used. Talk to us today and we can help to take you one step closer to achieving the vision you have for your business.